The following websites have additional information about the Tesla coal mines. Please use the browser's return arrow to return to this page.

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve - This East Bay Regional Park was the largest coal producing district in California, which you can now explore. They keep an extensive archive about Black Diamond history, as well as additional materials on the Tesla coal mines.

Friends of Tesla - Grassroots organization formed to protect and preserve the Tesla property.

Mining Hall of Fame Inductee John Treadwell - John Treadwell is in the National Mining Hall of Fame.

Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils - Bill Beaty's site provides information and web links on Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), foremost electrical inventor.

Livermore History - Mining - Bill Nale's eLivermore site shows some photos of Tesla.

Tesla Memorial Society of New York - Everything about the inventor Nikola Tesla can be found on this wonderful site.

Electric Cars: The Invention of Nikola Tesla's AC Induction Motor. - Edson Farnell writes how Tesla invention of the AC induction motor relates to the modern electric car.

The Vale of Tesla: Natural Beauty/Human Designs - Bay Nature article written by S. W. Edwards, a descendent of a Tesla coal miner, about the biology and wildlife at Tesla.

The Western Pacific Lives Here! - Frank Brehm's site provides historical information on the Western Pacific Railroad, which had its beginnings at Tesla.

Tesla: Interpreting an Invisible Landscape - Jennifer Redmond's thesis demonstrates that industrial landscapes and other invisible, or historically undervalued, landscapes have interpretive potential.

Treadwell Family History Page - Charles Wall's site gives additional information about John Treadwell and related families.

Treadwell Gold Mines Map and Photo Tour - Sheila Kelly, author of Treadwell Gold, An Alaska Saga of Riches and Ruin provides information about Treadwell, Alaska.

Treadwell Historic Preservation and Restoration Society, Inc. - Preserving the history of the Treadwell gold mine site.

Mines Road Books. - Publishers of History of Tesla - A California Coal Mining Town..

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